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Frequently Asked Questions

Use this page to get answers to frequently asked questions about our products and services.

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Q: Why is GSCS different from anyone else selling this stuff?

A: Yes, we sell many quality lines and products. We are a small, family-owned business. That gives us more flexibility and latitude when pricing jobs because we’re not supporting a nationwide corporation. We’re local. Here’s a major refreshing difference. We are not a high pressure sales company. We also give you our best price first time, every time. We don’t start off with an astronomically high price and remain in your living room until you give in (or give up!). You’re also not paying for all that national corporate advertising. We represent many quality product lines. That means that you are not only selecting from the a single line that some companys manufacture. We are an award-winning Trade Ally of Energy Trust of Oregon.

Finally, we treat all our customers like friends. We have many people that have returned to us for years. We also work primarily from referrals from satisfied customers and from direct contact with people that we will make our friends. It’s a radical whole different business philosophy in today’s society. But, we are still a very professional company. Just ask our references!

These are huge, major differences.

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Q: Does GSCS offer financing?

A: We offer many ways to pay for your purchases. We gladly accept credit cards and offer many different financing programs, some of which are below-market rates (if you doing a multi-measure energy upgrade).

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Q: Realistically, how much can I save on my utility bills when I upgrade my single pane, windows?

A: Understanding that every home situation is different, generally speaking, larger homes with more square footage of window area will produce the largest savings. As a general guideline, smaller homes with small square footage of window areas can realistically expect to realize a 10 – 15% energy savings. Average home savings are between 20 – 25% energy savings. A home with a large percent window coverage may realize savings between 30 – 40%.

Q: I have storm windows over single pane windows. Will upgrading my windows really help me?

A: Yes, for a number of reasons. First, storm windows, added after the original windows were installed may not have a good weather seal, allowing wind and cold temperatures in to the original windows. Storm windows may slow down the weather, but generally don’t stop it completely.

Second, many single pane windows and storm windows have aluminum frames. Aluminum frames are very prone to temperature changes. That is one of the whole reasons for replacing them in the first place.

Third, aluminum frames with single pane windows will have moisture associated with them. Where there is moisture, molds can potentially form. That’s another big reason to replace windows. Replacing those windows helps you to realize better health through reduction of moisture and molds.

Finally, storm windows may help you reduce noise, but nothing like new double pane replacement windows. Many people leave their storm windows on year round because they are difficult to remove and store. It is very difficult to clean your windows if you have storm windows

Q: Why is your brand the best brand?

A: There are many quality brands of windows on the market. If that were not true, we wouldn’t sell more than one line of windows. We sell several lines. We have chosen our lines to sell based on a number of criteria including manufacturer name brand recognition, quality, price, product performance and features, manufacturer service and support, warranty, delivery schedules, local suppliers, just to name a few.

We won’t sell products that have a proven track record of poor performance. We service what we sell and install. It is in our best interest (and yours) to sell you a product that is proven and that we can install well and successfully.

We sell several lines of products because each of them have different features and price structures that may appeal to different clients. Our goal is to get you into the right product for your application and at a price that is within your budget. Just like installing windows, we require the right fit.

Q: How long does this window replacement process take?

A: Of course, this answer can vary seasonally, depending on the manufacturer chosen and their production schedule. Generally speaking, from the time that we measure your windows and you sign the contract until the time that the windows are delivered is an average of 3 weeks. When we are notified of the pending delivery, we schedule our installers. From the time that your windows are delivered until the installation begins is generally 2-3 work days. Your project will determine how long the installation process will take, but that is a clear conversation that you will discuss with your salesman at the time of order.

Q: How long will it take for my windows to pay back for themselves based on the projected energy savings?

A: That can be quite a technical question, based on your specific home, the energy sources you use currently, and your existing window situation. Generally speaking, however, it is not uncommon for owners to realize a 100% payback on their purchase in as few as 5 years and as much as 10 years.

Q: I am thinking of selling my property. Is it a good investment to replace my windows now, or just sell the home as it is?

A: This is an easy answer. Yes, it is a very good investment. Here’s why. First of all, depending on your current situation, it may be very difficult to even sell your home with old window. Potential homeowners do not want to sink a whole lot more money, time or effort into a home that they just spent a lot of money to buy.

Here’s the best reason though. Let’s say you invested $10,000 in replacing old windows in your home. It is not uncommon to immediately increase the selling price of your home by $20,000 immediately. In other words, you can normally double your investment through the selling value of your home, and it will generally sell much quicker with new windows.

Q: If a competitor beats you on price, why is it?

A: All things being equal on the product, we will not lose a bid on the product. If we lose a bid, it’s generally on the installation, and here’s why. We believe that there are more ways than one to install windows (or siding).

One way is the least expensive way, which takes a lot of shortcuts. It’s quicker, more destructive, and less labor intensive. However, it does not always yield the most visually appealing installation, and does not always conform to industry standard practices. Further, many times it may not be according to the manufacturer’s recommendations for installation. This type of installation may look fine initially, but problems will generally be found months or even years down the road. Glenn Sheppard Construction does NOT subscribe to this type of installation process. Do you really want an inferior installation on a product that comes with a life time warranty, possibly voiding the warranty or presenting other problems down the road?

At Glenn Sheppard Construction, we chose the more labor intensive method which provides a more aesthetically appealing installation and is completed according to the manufacturer’s recommended installation or better. We have found that our proven techniques simply provide quality installations that avoid many of the common problems associated with other inferior installations. We utilize installers with many years of experience in this specific industry. We offer professional installations that we stand behind. Again, if you have a product that has a life time warranty, don’t you want to insure that it is installed correctly and by a company that warrants their installations? Ask your salesman for more details about our installations.

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