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Energy effecient wood - wooden replacement windows products and installation services for new home, residential remodel or commercial business.

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Wooden Windows

Pricing: Wooden windows are at the top of the pricing structure. They are generally premium windows that go in upscale homes that require much woodwork. 

Efficiency: The windows themselves are as efficient as any other windows. The real question is how well they will be installed to prevent air leakage. Remember that real wood swells and contracts based on the weather. This must be allowed for in the installation process.

Maintenance: Wooden windows are paintable and stainable.  That means that they are more flexible when it comes to color selections, or to matching existing interior woodwork.  But it also means that there is an increased maintenance responsibility, similar to that of the frequency of painting a house. 

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Options: Low-E coatings, argon gas filled, grids/no grids are all options. Opening windows will likely have choices of handles and hardware and other convenience or safety features. There is a wide variety of shapes and designs available.

Shortcomings: The most expensive as compared with vinyl, plain fiberglass or wood-clad windows. Definitely more maintenance. Due to the swelling and contracting of the wood, they generally will warp somewhat over the years and become less functional over time. However, if they are cared for properly, they can last a lifetime and add a truly distinctive look to your home.

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