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Wooden Windows
with Clad Exteriors

Wooden Windows with Clad Exteriors

    Marvin windows
    Wooden Windows with
    Clad Exterior


These windows, generally speaking, will cost more than vinyl windows. They generally will be more expensive than fiberglass windows, and may be less expensive, equivalent or more expensive than fiberglass windows with wood-clad interiors, depending on the options and manufacturer that you choose.

Building Performance Institute
Building Performance Institute


Since these windows are fully wooden on the interior and are clad with (generally) aluminum on the exterior, they share the efficiency properties similar to that of fully wooden windows and to those similar to fiberglass windows. Those properties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Suffice it to say that these windows have all the benefits common to both types of windows.

    Marvin Integrity


As with windows of any type, caulking should always be maintained in good shape around the window, both on the interior and exterior. As with any wooden window, paint or stain maintenance can qualify as both a pro and a con. The clad exterior of the window here in the Pacific Northwest is a definite plus with regard to the durability and longivity of the window. Aluminum generally comes in a variety of colors, so color options are abundant. Unpainted, aluminum-clad exteriors are relatively maintenance free, similar to vinyl or fiberglass products.

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TLow-E coatings, argon gas filled, grids/no grids are all options. Opening windows will likely have choices of handles and hardware, and other convenience and safety features. In this category, there are also choices of the species of wood on the interior, and many color choices for the aluminum clad exteriors. With Marvin, there is a choice between the Infinity and Integrity lines. The Integrity line offers most of the same options as the Infinity lines, but in standardized sizes (no custom sizes), offering quicker turn-around in manufacturing and lower prices. If you desire customization, the Infinity line will be your choice of Marvin products. In both lines, there are a wide variety of shapes designs and grid patterns available.


Great, full wood interiors, but are generally more expensive than vinyl or fiberglass windows. Wooden interiors may require more maintenance. Marvin Integrity line requires product choices within standardized sizes, but does offer the Marvin Infinity line as an alternative where customization is required. Energy efficiency is generally on-par with other wooden windows (slightly less efficient than vinyl or fiberglass), which is negligible in terms of energy dollars spent/saved.

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